November 23, 2010

I remember in the 1992 Philippine Presidential elections, my grandfather voted for Miriam Santiago because he does not want Danding Cojuangco to win. It was a pragmatic choice. Miriam might not be the best(I think Jovito Salonga was), but her winning is not the worst either. That was how my grandfather reasoned. I think he was wrong then. You have to vote for the best man/woman for the position.

On the last election, Noy was not the best either. I don’t know who was. Gordon looks promising, but I do have some reservations about him(I do like Bayani for vice-president). I was too indifferent recently. But if I voted, I would have voted for Noy.

There are two things about him that I swung the vote for me. He is popular and he will not tarnish the Aquino name. I expect Kris to give him hell if he does. You need to be stronger than the system to beat it. Even the best intentions would not do in politics. Popularity will help him in not compromising too much and the Aquino name will prevent him from straying (i hope) from the straight path.

I don’t want to judge him yet. He is just warming up his seat. I will give him two years to do his stuff before I judge if he is a good president or not.



November 4, 2010

I hate plans. While I like to be certain, things seldom happens the way you want it. Instead of plans, I will institute policies. I will use this guide my decisions.

1) I know that I like to read and geek out, but I must also try new things. Be adventurous, but don’t be reckless. Open up options. Explore life.

2)  I will never sell my soul. I will live the way I want it.  It might be a lonely path, but being a sell-out is not an option. I am what I am. I won’t change for the sake of fitting-in.

3) Never make an emotional decision. Be wary of cognitive biases.


September 11, 2010

Read the fine manual! After watching the video on how to properly load a film on a manual SLR I realized that the roll I sent for development and scanning was not properly loaded. Oops! So I called and canceled it.

I was so excited on my initial results to my foray into film photography. And I screw-up because I did not load the film properly. I’m starting over again. This time I am loading a roll of B&W film.


It’s been almost a year since I started reviewing for that IMC(Investment Management) exam and I’m done with it. It’s not that hard. Allocating time to study was hard specially when you want to spend your time on some other things.

My manager asked me if I wanted to go for the CFA(one notch higher in difficulty) exam. No way! It eats too much time. There are some other things I want to spend my time on.

Selling out

July 17, 2010

“I’m so disappointed Alan..”, my friend told me upon seeing that my iPhone. Yes, I’m a sell-out. I tried not to buy this thing. Yes I do. I did look for some nice Android phones, but the Galaxy S was not released yet. There were some Android phones but they are on the expensive side. I felt the usual rush when I had this phone for a week. I could twitter and surf on the go. The interface was good and intuitive. Topnotch in terms of usability.

After two months of using it, the euphoria subsided. Everywhere you see people using an iPhone. I feel like a drone. I feel like I’m ordinary. I have no individuality. Apple gadgets are really beautiful but the way some of the fanboys exult it makes me puke. Sure its beautiful, but don’t make it sound like it can solve world peace.

Am I still happy with the phone? Yes. It does what I want. Its very capable and usability is on the high side. My only problem is that its not so me.


July 3, 2010

Its not silver and its not a limited(but it feels like one!). But I fell in love with it nonetheless. I wanted to complete the Pentax’s Three Amigos(31,43 and 77) but it does not make sense for me to buy the 77. Its expensive and I don’t think I will be able to shoot that much with it. When the 12-24 and the 31 arrived I barely shoot with my 43(I’m not selling it though. It will be a good normal lens when the mythical Pentax FF arrived).

Since I don’t have a macro and I need a decent portrait lens I decided to buy a 100mm macro. The Tamron 90mm and Sigma 105mm is not that available here so I have only one option. And what a great option its is 🙂

Enter the DFA 100mm WR

It’s full-frame, has rounded aperture blades(for better bokeh) and has a limited finish(won’t make me miss not having the 77). Its very light weighing only 340g.  I could have gone for the Samsung clone of the DFA 100(without the rounded aperture blades and limited finish) but someone posted this on the buy and sell forum and I couldn’t find any reason not to grab this little gem.

January 23, 2010

I’ve bought a pair of New Balance 904(light stability) for a hundred bucks(sgd). New Balance its on a clearance sale and I needed a new shoe to replace my Saucony Grid Tangent 3. My Saucony seems to be wearing thin. I tend to favor my right foot when running thus the right shoe tends to wear out faster.

Last wednesday and today I broke in my New Balance. First impression is that its a bit firmer than my Saucony. My Saucony has a plush feel when you run it. And its already firmer compared to the Asics DS Trainer. That is why I chose the Saucony over the Asics. I want to feel the concrete when running. After I run with the Saucony I instantly notice the difference when I remove my shoe and walk with my slippers. It seems that I have no flesh in my foot to cushion. When I remove my New Balance after a run, there is not much difference.

I like the shoe and I was actually thinking of buying another pair(provided they have a different color).

January 5, 2010

Crafted in Japan

A limited thirty one

Money was spent….

Sigh. And I just made a new years resolution that I would not spend for lenses that are out of the budget.